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Getting Started

Water is designed based on simplicity and extendability with a consistent approach to guarantee the best practices are being followed. Here we show you how to get your application up and running in AWS in few steps.

Preparing the Provider

  1. Create a user with the AdministratorAccess policy attached to it
  2. Generate the Secret Access Key and Access Key ID for this user and keep it in a safe and secure place.
  3. Go to the Providers page on water
  4. Add a provider and provide the Secret Access Key and Access Key ID you acquired earlier

Create an environment

  1. From the environments view press the button + Environment
  2. Fill in the form and chose the provider you created earlier

What next?

Having an environment lets you create and manage all the components/services required to compose that particular environment on your cloud provider through water. In the next sections you can see how to easily add an application to support different type of deployment and service