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Typically a collection of software and the underlying infrastructure that compose a software system is called an environment.

It is one of the best practices to have multiple environments, and even better if each environment is kept in a separate account of your cloud provider(s). Utopiops supports environments in separate cloud accounts. Some of the common names for the environments are development, staging and production, however, despite the general guidelines on the number, purpose and naming of the environments, the decision about any of them is ultimately up to the teams.

The Environments view helps you define, deploy and manage multiple environments.

Also, in order to give you more control over underlying infrastructure and to use the resources more efficiently, some Application settings are managed at the Environment level.

It's worth mentioning, Environments view is there to give you more control over your environments and providers. If you don't want to go into more advanced options and configurations you can simply follow the flows provided as part of creating applications which indirectly set up everything you need to run the applications including the providers and environments.